The name “unconventional klutz”

hey! you people must be wondering why i named my page as unconventional klutz soo i am here to explain you all this and yes i know! you people will surely connect to it first of all let me write something that will make you people think why should you follow this blog..

There’s no free rides. When you’re living on this planet, you can’t just sit down and coast, expecting the rest of humanity to keep its eye on the ball for you. A life spent as a passenger, rather than someone contributing to making the world function, is a life wasted.

I know too many people who don’t want to participate. They think that life is an audience sport, something to be observed and watched from a distance. They’re not the only ones who miss out by not getting involved — some of them are incredibly talented, and I know we’re a little poorer for their lack of interest..

unconventional has totally what defines me that means uncommon..

yes i am a common person with the most uncommon feeling and working on to make it conventional

and yes klutz to be honest that i am!

Be connected !i am going to come with some very interesting topics that you people will enjoy reading and definetly that will help you in making decisions till then!



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